Customized Order for Dana D.

Customized Order for Dana D.


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This is a customized order for the following items:

One large bridal bouquet $145

7 size small bridesmaids bouquets@$85=$595

The bride requests hints of pure white babies breath and some artificial greenery to be added to the bouquets.  No ivory filler will be used.

Addition of pure white babies’ breath and artificial greenery in All 8 bouquets $42

Satin wrapped with exposed stems.

Bouquet colors will be recreated like the bride’s original order.

During floral creation, an initial photo will be sent for approval prior to the remaining bouquets being created.

This is a 50% deposit.  The remaining 50% balance will be due upon completion.  Free shipping included.

July wedding 2021. Floral completion the month of May 2021 or sooner.

Total Amount $783 +free shipping

50% @ $391.50

Thank you for allowing us to have a part in your special day.