Reserved Order for Bevin E.

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This is a reserved order for the following items:

One large bridal $160
One small bouquet $ 88
4 boutonnieres @$17=$68
3 pin on corsages @$18=$54
$370+ free shipping
Requests have been made for the following:
I like that they have the filler throughout and contains small bits of green. I’m not as big a fan of the bouquets that have long leave sticking out or large leaves in general. 
I like the filler on the original boutonnière link that I sent with the main flowers for the bouquet being peonies, roses, dahlias, and whatever other type you would suggest. The main colors I’d like to go with are navy blue and deep mustard with white. 
If possible, I’d like the main flower on the corsages to be navy blue peonies with deep mustard roses as accents along with the filler. For the boutonnières, I’d like the roses to be deep mustard as well. 

Wedding date and shipment to be confirmed.
Thank you.