Bouquet Sizing Chart

Sola Flower Bouquets at the come in 5 (five) different sizes. Please contact us for custom sizing.

Still not sure which size will work for you and your wedding party?  You can cut out a circle from a large sheet of paper and hold it up to yourself to see which look you love.

Size X-Large is available upon request.

Most brides choose Large or Medium for themselves.  
Sizes peti, mini and small are popular sizes for the bridesmaids.

Peti 3 flower bouquet is approximately 4 inches DIAMETER (10" to 11" CIRCUMFERENCE)

Mini/Toss is approximately 6 inches to 7 inches DIAMETER (17 inches to 18 inches CIRCUMFERENCE)

Small is approximately 8 inches to 9 inches DIAMETER ( 21 inches to 22 inches CIRCUMFERENCE)

Medium is approximately 9 inches to 10 inches DIAMETER ( 25 inches to 26 inches CIRCUMFERENCE)

Large is approximately 11 inches to 12 inches DIAMETER (28 inches to 29 inches CIRCUMFERENCE)

Extra Large or XL, when available is approximately 13 inches to 14 inches DIAMETER ( 32 inches CIRCUMFERENCE




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