Reserved Order for Ruth P.

Reserved Order for Ruth P.

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This is a reserved order for the following items:

4" Sola Dahlias (set of 5) in the color crimson @$23.95 and 3 qty=$71.85

50 assorted mini sola flowers in colors crimson and natural white (25 crimson and 25 nat white) @$28.50 and 1 qty= $28.50

Uncolored French Roses (pack of 6) @$12.99 and 3 qty=$38.97

Ivory Bunny Tails @12 and qty1

Red Broom Bloom @$22.50 and qty 1

Red Phalaris @$22.95 and qty 1

4 oz bunch white tipped green caspia $26.95 and qty 1

Dark Green Teardrop Eucalyptus (6 oz) @$36.99 and qty 1

May 2024 need by timeframe.  Items to be completed the week of April 7th.

Tax Exempt.

Items to be shipped via UPS.

Thank you for your order.