Wedding Order for Josh and Brookie

Wedding Order for Josh and Brookie

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This is an order for the Josh and Brookie wedding.  Wedding date is June 29.  The wedding order includes the following items:

Customized to have light purple and pinky colors, ivory sola roses; basil dahlias (succulent look); ivory broom bloom and silver broom bloom fillers; and twine stem wrapping

7 mini bouquets: light purple and ivory colors, any matching type of flower to the medium bouquet; twine sem wrapping

Larger boutonniere: white magnolia, 2 basil mini dahlias, lamb's ear and silver broom bloom fillers, twine stem wrapping  $18

13 smaller boutonnieres: light purple mini dahlias and lamb's ear filler, twine step wrapping @$13 each=$169

9 wrist corsages: light purple dahlia, ivory broom bloom filler @$19 each =$171
Total $1103
After Order Discount= $1069

Items are set to arrive by June 26th or sooner with 2/3 day shipping via UPS.

UPS shipping (2 box shipment or an ultra large box, depending)
 $80 shipping


Thank you Josh and Brookie.