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Serenity Sola Wood Flower Bouquet with Exposed Wood Accents

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The Serenity Sola wood flower bouquet features natural white sola flowers and displays of exposed wood flowers ranging from starburst to ranunculuses.  Accents of artificial greenery and preserved white babies' breath. Perfect for all seasons, especially winter and fall.

Please note, Any of these flower colors may be hand dyed in your very special wedding palette colors.

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Sola Flower Bouquet Sizing in Circumference (measuring Around the bouquet):

X-Large:  Approximately 34” to 35” around
Large: Approximately 30"to 31"around 
Medium: Approximately 27" to 28" around
Small: Approximately 23" to 24" around
Mini Toss: Approximately 19" to 20" around

Diva Peti:  Contains 2 larger sola flowers (3" to 4" inches in size)  and 3 standard sized sola flowers (2"-2.25" in size)

Peti:  Contains 3 standard sized sola flowers

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