Biggest Wedding Day Regrets

Sure the wedding was amazing but if you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently.  Here is a list of wedding day regrets. Check out our most cringe worthy regret to date below.

  • “I wish we took a moment to specifically thank our parents for all of their hard work throughout the years.  I felt it would have been nice to highlight their sacrifices.”- Amber*


  • “I regret spending so much time worrying about little details, like the invitations, the seating chart, the perfect music.  There was a lot of unnecessary stress.”-Sienna


  • “I hired a wonderful photographer but I didn’t hire a videographer.  There wasn’t a moving picture of my big day. Everything was frozen in time.” - Jade


  • “I wish we waited an extra day to leave for our honeymoon.  Leaving the very next day after our wedding was exhausting.”- Tina


  • “I wish we spent more time with family and friends at the reception.  We kept getting whisked everywhere for pictures.  Being with the people you love is what a wedding is all about.”- Rosie


  • “I spent the whole morning of my wedding being crabby and upset about the weather.  My focus should have been on marrying the love of my life.  Just accept the circumstances.  Focus on having positive memories.” - Julie


  • “I should have invested more time in finding the right makeup artist for me.  I went with the first one on my list and I didn’t look my best.”-Michelle


  • “We should have eloped!”- Christina


  • “ I regret letting the photographer dictate our every move that night.  We should have given him one hour for the reception and then let us be.”- Diane


  • “I wish we hadn’t gone so cheap on a photographer.  The photos were not the best.  And they are the only tangible memory we have of our big day.”- Cynthia


  • “Allowing our parents to dictate the whole day”.- Teresa
  • “I regret choosing the longest song for our first dance.”- Rachel

And the most cringe worthy regret we have seen to date is:

  •  “We both wanted a fall 2019 wedding.  But my wife felt we needed a little more time to get things just right and perfect. We decided to postpone our date…until April 2020”- Tim

Photo courtesy of Tom the Photographer @tomthe photographer

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