Sola Flower Succulents Are Here!

Why You Should Choose Sola Wood Flowers

A succulent alternative has arrived! Sola flower succulents! 

I confessed to a friend that every plant that passed through my hands had an inevitable demise.  I couldn’t keep a plant alive for anything.  My friend suggested I should take care of succulents.  They are indestructible.  Well I bought some.  I was so happy that I could finally care for an undying plant.  Three weeks later they were goners too.  Ouch! 

Disclaimer:  This was obviously user error.  There were aspects of succulents that I was obviously ignorant about.  Looking back they are quite carefree.

What about a succulent alternative that looked believable and one that I would never have to worry about watering?  Not those plastic ones found in craft stores either.  Most of them don’t look real. 

Sola flower succulents make a perfect choice and they can be designed in any shade.  Use them in your wedding bouquet, centerpieces, cake table, or in home decor.  

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