Do My Flowers Need To Match My Wedding Attire and Decor?

Wedding Palette and Colors

Do My Flowers Need To Match My Wedding Attire and Decor?

No, they don’t.  Your wedding is a visual story.  All the pieces come together to create a common thread.  

Exact color matching your flowers to your bridesmaids’ dress or wedding decor can really pull things together.  But on the other side, choosing complementary colors can work wonders as well.


Start off with some versatile neutral colors first.  These include: taupe, beige, champagne, peach, metallics, grey, greens and black. Some brides stop here.  They opt for all neutral colors to create a classic, timeless look.  Sometimes a single, bold hue can sparsely be added to create some pop if needed.

Next choose your complementary colors.  These are colors that can really add dimension to your photos and can create a very memorable, visual story.  For example, will you have a navy colored themed wedding?  On the bold side, yellow or orange can make your blues pop.  For a teal themed wedding, a rust shade can really draw your decor out.  A lot of these decisions come down to your personality and comfort zone.  No one is alike. Try not to micmic the expectations that others may have for your wedding colors and go with your gut.  Always choose colors you know you will be happy with when you look at your wedding pictures 5 or 10 years later.

Here is a list of dreamy wedding color combos:

  • Emerald Green, Gold and Ivory
  • Burgundy, Sage and Peach
  • Peach, Sage, and Ivory
  • Blush Pink and Gold
  • Cranberry, Orange and Ivy
  • Apple Red, Cobalt Blue and Apricot Orange
  • Burnt Orange and Cream
  • Tawny Brown and Pine Green 
  • Salmon and Browns
  • Navy, Peach, champagne
  • Dusty Blue and Coral
  • Mint, Hunter Green and Rose Gold

And oh boy, there’s so many more we love!  Any of the colors you choose for your wedding palette can be incorporated in your wedding flowers.

When deciding on bouquet flowers, a good rule of thumb to use if you would like to add in the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses is:  Add subtle hints of the bridesmaids’ dress colors, so the flowers won’t be lost or washed out against the dresses.  You want the dresses and your flowers to make their own statement.  

The possibilities are endless.  Forget the trends of the year and always go with the colors you love. 


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