Why Are There So Many Different Shades of the Same Color?

Wedding Palette and Colors

Why Are There So Many Different Shades of the Same Color?


A bride requests mauve roses.  Little did she know that mauve can have a purple tone or a pink tone.  It’s true! 

Color is a visual perception.  Your eyes create how you see color.  On social media, you can view threads of posts and conversations, sometimes heated, arguing the actual color of an item.  With differing color perceptions, come different interpretations of the same color name.  Furthermore, some people are more sensitive to tonal variations.  One person may see a dress as simply red.  Another person may see it as crimson or scarlet.

Shades can be intensified or even altered by the lighting, whether natural light or artificial light.  In the photography world, there is even a such thing as the “golden hour”.  Lighting is everything. 

Being in the sola flower business, we definitely understand the importance of capturing colors as accurately as possible.  We spend a great amount of time getting accurate pictures. Sometimes it requires we wait for the “perfect time” during the day. There are some colors that are always particularly hard to capture in photos (hey blue, green and purple <wink,wink>). Ordering sample flowers or sample fabric swatches before making a large purchase is always the way to go.  If you need an accurate color match, consider sending in swatches or color samples via the mail service to provide your designer with a tangible item to assist in matching your colors. Sometimes simply sending website links are not the best, because different computer screens show colors differently based on resolutions. 

We hope this provides some extra insight on the ins and outs of obtaining the most accurate color matches to assist you in making your big day special.

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