Should I Use Sola Wood Flowers for My Wedding Day?

Why You Should Choose Sola Wood Flowers

In the past, brides had two options when it came to wedding flowers.  Fresh or silk. Fresh flowers are natural and classic but they also create a financial investment that is quickly lost after your big day. They require ideal weather conditions to maintain that “fresh” look for your wedding.  Not to mention, you are literally in a race against time for them to keep that “freshly picked” look for the hours you will need them for pictures and walking down the aisle.  They also may not be the best option if you or any in your wedding party have allergy issues. 

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Silk flowers are durable, but do they always  look real in photos? There is definitely a big difference between quality silk flowers and those that are...not so good quality.  Have you ever bought silk, artificial flowers and upon delivery you realized how absolutely unconvincing their look was from fresh flowers?  

So now we know.  Many brides want durable, budget friendly, natural looking, hypoallergenic flowers for their special day. No one wants tacky flowers.

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Done! Wood sola flowers are it.  Let’s list some benefits of wood sola flowers.


  • Eco Friendly.  Sola wood flowers are eco friendly.  They are made from a fast growing wood that is highly renewable.


  • Handcrafted.  Sola flowers require a highly skilled, artisan process.  The petals are created by hand, resulting in a natural look that mimics some of the most beautiful fresh flowers. 


  • Available All Year Round.  Sola flowers are created in nearly every flower style and are available all year round.  Ever wanted fresh dahlias, blooming sunflowers or daffodils in the winter? Or peonies in fall? Or what about poppies in early spring?  Never worry about what flowers are in season.  Sola flowers are always in season.


  • Versatility.  Sola Flowers can be designed in any color that complements your wedding palette.  Do you want marsala zinnias or turquoise roses or just simply blush pink tiger lillies?  Sola flowers make all of that possible. We can also match flowers with wedding attire from the leading bridal stores.  


  • Sustainable.  Sola flowers won’t wilt.  Will your special day or event have hot temperatures or a cold climate?  Sola flowers won’t be affected by any of this and they won’t turn brown by simply handling them (sorry fresh flowers!). 


  • Unscented.  Sola flowers are unscented and don’t shed pollen. Occasionally, some brides choose to add their own scents to their wood flowers.  This can easily be done as well.


  • Budget Friendly.  Sola wood flowers are budget friendly.  The flowers can also be easily reused in your home decor or incorporated in future events and parties. 

Sola Flower Succulents

So many wonderful benefits.  We would love to create something special just for you. Sola Flower Store offers a wide array of lasting flowers.

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  • Lori on

    I would highly recommend Sola Wood flowers! My daughter used them for her wedding this weekend and they were gorgeous! We got tons of compliments on all the floral decor! You won’t regret it!

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