Golden Hour and Blue Hour-What Does it Mean for Your Wedding Day?

Golden Hour, Blue Hour and Your Wedding Day

Did you know the time of day you decide to take your engagement and wedding day photos is a very important decision?  In the photography world, there are two important terms: the “Golden Hour” and the “Blue Hour”.  Keep reading, because it can make or break your wedding pictures.

Golden Hour photography blue hour photography


The “Golden Hour” occurs two times during the day; just after sunrise and before sunset.  It is known for its warm rays of light that create those soft, mellow, and toasty glows in photos.   The skin looks soft and the subjects can face the sun without squinting their eyes out.  “Blue Hour” occurs two times during the day as well; right before sunrise and after sunset.  The position of the sun is just below the horizon, which creates cooler tones.  Photography during the blue hour creates mysterious, cinema style undertones. Both of these terms can be deceptive, because they rarely last an entire hour.  Your location and the time of year can alter the timeframe as well.  


So be sure to consult with your photographer to discuss the best time to take photos for your special day.

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